Meet Expert Portland Dog Trainer

Bernard Kim – Owner/Head Trainer

Portland dog trainer, Bernard Kim, graduated from the Canine Trade  Group’s Professional Dog Training School and joined an exclusive network of highly qualified dog trainers throughout the country. The program included an in-depth study of various scientific theories behind canine behavior modifications, as well as extensive hands-on training work that combined deep knowledge of dog behavior patterns with effective methods and techniques.

At its core, the emphasis of Canine Trade Group’s training philosophy is the design of solid action plans that accentuate the importance of bond between dogs and their families. Essentially, dogs are products of their environments. As dog trainers, we want to focus on these relationships that your dogs have with your families, and the interactions that they have with their respective environments.

Before devoting his time to training and working with dogs, Bernard spent his days as a software and technology consultant, working with early stage startups and large Fortune 500 companies, and even a Major League Baseball team. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, and is the Founder of Bark Metrics, a Portland-based startup that encourages dog owners to live active lifestyles with their dogs.

By teaching pet owners to become effective team leaders–thereby building solid foundations for trust and mutual cooperation with their dogs–Rose City Dog Training can work with you to craft a balanced, realistic, and open-minded approach to dog behavior training that has seen extremely successful results for over two decades. 


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