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Are you at a loss on what to do with your dog’s behavior? Is your dog’s behavior negatively affecting you and your dog’s quality of life and your relationship together? Are you just fed up with some annoying habits or inappropriate behaviors? Then call us at Rose City Dog Training. We can guide you and your dog on the path to behavioral success and lifetime results.

If you’re a dog parent in the Portland Oregon area and you’re ready to take the first step into your dog’s positive behavioral change, reach out to us today! You can call us at 503.468.5705 or fill out your information below.

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Commitment Based Training in Portland

We are a Portland dog training company that prides itself on its effective reward-based training techniques, which has been proven successful for the past thirty years. All dogs are welcome into any of our in-home dog training programs — any age, size, breed, or temperament is considered and admitted. Our Portland dog trainer is a compassionate and competent dog trainer and problem solver that will work toward YOUR individual training goals. No matter how small or severe your dog’s issues are, we’ll work together to resolve them, and we will never recommend rehoming or euthanizing your dog. Instead, we will train together until the job is done!

Rose City Dog Training is Portland’s premier dog training company that employs the most modern dog training methods, aiming to always set the dog up for success and empower owners to be confident leaders. We also follow a commitment-based philosophy where we will work on your individual case until we meet your training needs. Our trainer has handled some basic obedience, puppy training, and light behavioral modification cases, while also successfully worked with some of the toughest cases of anxiety and aggression. Change is possible with Rose City Dog Training, and we’re excited to help you and your dog accomplish behavioral success!


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To all Portland dog parents: don’t give up on your dog….Rose City Dog Training can help you with ANY behavioral problem! Call or write us today!